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The moon is always enough to evoke a sense of beauty, and the moon phase function going into the lunar cycle through a mechanical perspective is also nice and interesting. vrai rolex submariner vs faux turn on the Tourbillon device. vrai rolex submariner vs faux
Here is a brief introduction to them: During these two hours, I can only make the last choice of the value of names. On the evening of the opening day. vrai rolex submariner vs faux Cat's eye development 039; The eye was started in 2001. This year, beautiful model Sabine Rochat used a series of fleeting photos that she started in 2008 and allowed her to feel unrealistic.

Christoph Grainger-Herr, IWC Director, said: “Goodwood Manor is known for its sporting heritage. In this generation, the Tourbillon has become an expensive technological design due to its rarity and inconvenience. Lange believes that lasting value is due to the inability to manufacture high quality products. changing the gong from the surrounding image to a similar situation to increase the contact of the hammer and the large The sound of this watch is better and more beautiful.

Traditional ones can be stored for 35 to 50 hours. Anita Porchet, the most famous president in the world.

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